Analyzing RB Prospects

Lache Seastrunk (above) is one of the top running backs in the upcoming draft.

In 2013, zero running backs were selected in the first round of the draft. This astonishing mark underlines the evolution of passing, but regardless, running backs have prominent roles in some of the league’s top offenses.

The Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks’ offense was fueled by RB Marshawn Lynch, and 2013 NFL-rushing yard leader RB LeSean McCoy powered the Philadelphia Eagles’ explosive offense.

In the draft, teams will definitely be looking to bolster their backfields. With a unique blend of power- and speed-backs, there is a diverse selection of talent.

RB Tre Mason (Auburn/5’9″, 207) is a true power-oriented back with explosive power. He and RB Carlos Hyde (Ohio State/6’0″, 230) spearhead the stable of running back prospects and figure to be early second round picks.

RB’s Bishop Sankey (Washington/5’10”, 209) and Ka’Deem Carey (Arizona/5’9″, 207) are also second-round options. Sankey and Carey are dynamic, quick backs that can be utilized as a change of pace.

RB Lache Seastrunk (Baylor/5’10”, 201) is a projected third round pick. Seastrunk is lethal in open space and is a solid mid-round option.

Despite a disappointing 40-yard dash, RB De’Anthony Thomas (Oregon/5’9″, 174) is a late-round track stud. Thomas could play a Darren Sproles-type role early in his career.

The 2014 running back draft class has immense talent stretching from the second round through the seventh round. Teams will undoubtedly have the option to add backfield depth this May.

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