Golden Analysis: Gerhart

Gerhart has stood in Adrian Peterson’s shadows for the duration of his career.

Former Minnesota Vikings RB Toby Gerhart landed a three-year, $10.5 Million ($4.5 Million guaranteed) contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Gerhart, a former backup, now has an opportunity to seize starting reins. Amidst a rebuilding process, the Jags are looking to build the roster around cornerstones.

Gerhart, who is entering his fifth season in the NFL, has the leg power to sustain a three-down role, which was previously held by former Jags RB Maurice Jones-Drew.MJD signed with the Oakland Raiders earlier this offseason, but his former workhorse job will be almost mirrored by Gerhart.

Gerhart’s sheer power and 6’0″, 231-pound frame will deliver superior production in Jacksonville. The transition from Jones-Drew to the Jaguars’ recent addition will be smooth.

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