Helmets of the Future

The Riddell SpeedFlex, left, and the Schutt Vision, right.

Concussions have plagued the NFL in the courtroom and on the gridiron. Fortunately enough, helmet innovation has skyrocketed in recent years.

Courtesy DenverBroncos.com
Courtesy DenverBroncos.com

Riddell has been the NFL’s most popular helmet company for years. The Revo Speed and Revo 360 successfully debuted in the past half decade, but a new model is set to change the game of football.

The SpeedFlex features pull-style chinstraps, contrary to buckles, which have been used since the mid 1900’s. The pull-style system doesn’t let the athlete forget about tightening his chinstrap.

Additionally, the hinge panel enables the helmet to have greater flexibility. The internal padding under the panel is a composite energy-management system, courtesy ESPN.

Several players have been spotted wearing the SpeedFlex in practice, including Denver Broncos LB Von Miller.

Another game-changing helmet is the Schutt Vision. The Schutt Vision, which has already debuted in the AFL, has a camera above the facemask.

Fans will benefit from the Schutt Vision immensely. Both helmets will alter the future path of football, on both safety and fan platforms.

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