Golden Analysis: RB Value

Running back value has decreased immensely.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew entered the free agent market nearing 30 years old. MJD inked a three-year, $7.5 Million contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Only $1.2 Million is guaranteed.

RB Chris Johnson’s career has taken a steep decline since he eclipsed the 2000 single-season rushing yard mark in 2009. The 28-year old was cut by the Tennessee Titans, and later signed a two-year, $8 MIllion contract with the New York Jets.

$3 Million is guaranteed.

Nowadays, veteran running backs approaching the dreaded age of 30 are free agent afterthoughts. Value tanks as 30 nears.

But veteran running back value isn’t alone. 2013 marked the first year where no running back was selected in the first round. The following year mirrored the result.

In May, the first running back was selected 54th overall.

Fullbacks have basically vanished. Halfback value is now based on age, pass protection, and receiving capabilities because of the copious amount of passing.

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