Golden Analysis: CB Evolution

Cornerbacks are integral to top defensive units.

It’s almost cliché to say that the modern and future cornerback is tall in height. 6’3″, 195-pound Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is one of the top players at the position.

However, further analysis depicts that oftentimes, Sherman sits back in a deep, 1/3 zone. In a zone, Sherman’s large wingspan and receiver-like talent enables him to basically ballhawk a certainly area of the field. The former Stanford standout executes his job very well.

However, man-to-man cornerbacks like 5’11”, 198-pound New England Patriots CB Darrelle Revis are capable of shutting down opposing receivers of all heights. Revis has a relatively low center of gravity, which enables him to move smoothly and quickly.

The cornerback position is crucial in modern football, but height often overshadows sheer talent. Height is great for zone, but a low center of gravity can be just as successful in the right system.

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