Debating Points: Kickoff Specialist?

Kickoffs are one of the most standard football plays.

Flashes burst when the ball flies off of the tee. However, the kickoff is the most dangerous play in football. Players sprint down field, accelerating through contact.

Normally, a placekicker will have the duty of kickoff specialist. In other instances, a punter will handle kickoff duty. Either way, the punter or kicker is in charge of the kickoff.

However, teams like the 2012 Buffalo Bills have used kickoff specialists—in this case, PK John Potter—to focus solely on this duty.

Potter, who eventually picked up both field goal and kickoff duties for the Washington Redskins and currently the Detroit Lions, was cut by the Bills.

With the kickoff spot at the 35-yard line, KOS’s can boot touchbacks much more easily. At the moment, teams shouldn’t carry a kickoff-specific player on their roster.

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