Rice’s Contract Terminated

The Baltimore Ravens terminated running back Ray Rice’s contract after a video surfaced of the player knocking out his fiancée and current wife.

TMZ released the video of Rice on Monday. The Ravens had no choice except to release their starting running back, who was serving a two-game suspension.

Commissioner Roger Goodell received a lot of heat for dishing out a minimal two-game suspension after news surfaced that Rice was arrested on a simple assault charge.

In late August, the NFL announced much harsher penalties for domestic violence.

Regardless of the NFL’s new stance on domestic violence, if Goodell watched the same video that TMZ released before giving Rice a two-game suspension, all of his credibility will be lost—if he has any left.

Today, Rice was suspended indefinitely. He will have to apply to reenter the league. The league had no other option except enforce the strictest penalty available. The questions now surround Goodell.

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