The Gray Zone

During the 8-2 New England Patriots’ decisive 42-20 victory over the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts, Patriots running back Jonas Gray ran the ball 38 times for 199 yards (5.24 yards/rush average) and four touchdowns.

Gray’s unexpected emergence came out of nowhere. Gray has played in only four games this season. The Notre Dame product has been in the league for three years, but failed to register a single stat while with the Miami Dolphins and later the Baltimore Ravens in 2012 and 2013.

Standing at a stout 5’9″, 223-pound frame, Gray is an absolute bowling ball. His physicality is very impressive, and will be especially beneficial if the Patriots are playing into late January in cold weather.

Quarterback Tom Brady’s two interceptions were largely overshadowed by Gray’s noteworthy performance, and for good reason: the offense was functioning like a well-oiled machine despite Tom’s turnovers.

If Gray continues to be a reliable runner in the trenches and in the red zone, the Patriots’ offense will be even more dynamic.

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