Golden Analysis: Electing to Pass

The Seattle Seahawks’ decision to ditch the run for the pass be remembered forever. Down 28-24 to the New England Patriots, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted by New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler.

Head coach Pete Carroll’s decision to pass derived from the Patriots’ personnel. The Patriots geared their defense to counter Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch on a possible run play, and Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell dialed up a pass in hopes to find the end zone while avoiding the goal-line front.

However, the pass, which was an underneath pick play, threw the ball to a crowded area, and Butler jumped the pass impressively. However, if the Seahawks wanted to pass, a logical option would have been to isolate a receiver to the right side (maybe 6’5″, 220-pound WR Chris Matthews), and have Wilson rollout in that direction.

If Matthews was covered, Wilson would then look to run. If there was no clear running lane, he could have thrown it away. The Seahawks could have just given the ball to Lynch as well.

It’s a decision the Seahawks will have to live with forever, but it will always be tough to re-watch that game film.

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