Debating Points: Trading Down

With the draft nearing, teams will be weighing possible trade options. Philadelphia Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman recently said, “when you’re looking at trading up, at some point, your board drops off so dramatically in terms of how you evaluate that player. But the history of trading up for one player, when you look at those trades, isn’t good for the team trading up and putting a lot of resources into it,” per

The Eagles could be in the running to trade up, but trading down often leads to better results. Trading down would be beneficial for several teams, including the Washington Redskins, Tennessee Titans, and New York Jets.

The Redskins, Titans, and Jets are in a great position to acquire extra draft picks and/or a more experienced player in exchange for their first pick. In the later part of the first round, the New England Patriots are always candidates to trade down. The Pats have had great success moving down and acquiring more draft picks.

Trading down has worked in the past, and is a smart move for several teams.

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