QB Free Agent Market Update

Multiple teams have pushed to reach contract extensions with their respective quarterbacks. For instance, the Washington Redskins franchise tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins in hopes of reaching a long-term deal, and the Broncos have reportedly made a substantial offer for QB Brock Osweiler. The Philadelphia Eagles and QB Sam Bradford recently agreed to a two-year, $36 Million ($26 Million guaranteed) contract extension, and one day later, the Baltimore Ravens and QB Joe Flacco agreed to a three-year extension worth up to $66.4 Million ($44 Million guaranteed).

The message is clear: it’s become increasingly difficult to find starting-caliber quarterbacks—just ask the Cleveland Browns. If Osweiler signs with the Broncos, the quarterback free agent market will seriously lack any proven starting-caliber signal caller. The Washington Redskins could release QB Robert Griffin III (one rumor states that there are at least ten teams evaluating RG3) and San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s agents have stated that they have asked for a trade.

The free agent market for QB’s is going to be very scarce. Teams in need of a QB will likely have to draft their next starter.

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