Peyton Retires

The Denver Broncos have announced quarterback Peyton Manning’s retirement.  Manning is nothing short of a football legend, but his legacy extends far beyond the gridiron. Renowned for his leadership, work ethic, and a plethora of other positive attributes, Manning is the ultimate and unparalleled professional.

Manning’s NFL career began in 1998 when the Indianapolis Colts drafted him first overall out of Tennessee. Manning’s illustrious, 13-year tenure in Indianapolis included a Super Bowl XLI victory and a Super Bowl MVP award, two AFC championships, and four MVP awards.

Manning missed the 2011 season with an injury and underwent four neck surgeries. In 2012, he began his four-year tenure with the Denver Broncos. This past season, Manning and the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. Manning won his third and fourth AFC Championships and his fifth MVP award while with the Broncos.

Manning owns a myriad of records, including but not limited to:

  • Career passing touchdown record: 539
  • Career passing yards: 71,940
  • Single-season touchdown record (2013): 55
  • Single-season passing yards (2013): 5,477
  • Most wins (including playoffs): 200
  • Most game-winning drives: 56

Manning finished his regular season career with 6,125 completions, 9,380 passing attempts, a 65.3% completion rate, 71,490 passing yards, 539 passing touchdowns, and 251 interceptions. In the postseason, he totaled 649 completions, 1,027 attempts, a 63.2% completion rate, 7,339 yards, 40 touchdowns, and 25 interceptions. Manning is a definite first-ballot Hall of Famer.

We will never see another Peyton, but hopefully he will be involved with the NFL for many years to come. Thank you, Peyton.

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