Titans GM: “King’s Ransom” Needed to Acquire First Overall Pick

New Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson seems to be content with the first overall pick.

Per ESPN, Robinson said:

There is a group of players that are at the top of the draft, that, you don’t want to move back too far cause you can miss out on one of those guys, and if you do move back that far you want to make sure that you have a king’s ransom, for lack of a better term, to move that far. I would say that for us to move out of that pick, it’s going to take a substantial amount of picks to do that.

Many mock drafts project the Titans selecting offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil or defensive back Jalen Ramsey. At this point in the draft process, it looks like both prospects will be off the board very early in the first round. They both could be gone by the third or fourth overall pick. By moving down even just a few picks, the Titans could miss out on Tunsil or Ramsey. In 2015, the Titans, who were led by a different head coach and GM at the time, turned down a mega-deal from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for the second overall pick. The Titans used the pick to draft quarterback Marcus Mariota, a very talented prospect who the Titans could build an offense around. In this draft, it looks like the Titans are going to stay put at first overall so they can select either Tunsil or Ramsey. Both players have the potential to be stars in the NFL, and, like Mariota, could be cornerstones of the Titans’ roster.

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