Amendola Takes $4.4 Million Pay Cut to Stay with Pats

New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola took a $4.4 million pay cut to stay with the team, per the Boston Globe. In 2016, Amendola will make a maximum of $1.6 million. The final year of Amendola’s restructured contract (2017) is still worth $6.5 million, but has no guarantees, so another restructured deal is likely on the horizon. This is the second consecutive season Amendola’s contract was restructured.

In the 2015 regular season, Amendola played in 14 games, tallying 65 receptions, 648 yards, and three touchdowns. Throughout his career, Amendola has constantly battled injuries, playing 16 games in just two of his eight regular seasons.

Amendola can be productive when he’s on the field. If he can stay healthy, his 2017 contract value should exceed the 2016 value.

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