Debating Points: When Will Rookie QB’s Start?

Many believed that Los Angeles Rams quarterback and first overall pick Jared Goff would be starting by the first week of the regular season. Goff reportedly isn’t even the Rams’ second-string quarterback. The Rams aren’t going to force Goff onto the field, but it’s fair to expect that Goff will get some playing time as the season progresses.

The second overall pick, Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz, likely won’t see the field at all this season. He sits behind QB’s Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel on the depth chart, and needs time to develop.

Denver Broncos QB Paxton Lynch was the third player at his position drafted this spring. The Broncos haven’t named a starter yet, but regardless of who ends up starting their first regular season game, Lynch could start by the end of the year

New York Jets QB Christian Hackenburg, a second round pick, is working on his throwing mechanics, and likely won’t see the field this year. He sits behind QB’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and possibly Bryce Petty on the depth chart.

This preseason, Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, a fourth round pick, has played exceptionally. He has six total touchdowns and zero interceptions. He could end up as the second-string quarterback behind Tony Romo.

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