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Longsnapper United: Brady’s Language

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been under recent heat for the use of the F-bomb on the sideline. However, Brady and the 10-3 Patriots seem just fine.

Brady said:

We’re not choirboys… You don’t do that at church on Sunday. You’ve got to go to the football field for that… It’s such an emotional game, I think you’ve got to bring it every week.

The Patriots will play the Miami Dolphins next week.

Longsnapper United: Manziel Flips Off the Redskins

During the Cleveland Browns’ 24-23 preseason loss against the Washington Redskins, QB Johnny Manziel was briefly caught on camera flipping off the opposing team.

Manziel will receive a fine, but in the heat of a quarterback controversy, it’s probably the least of his worries. He did nothing to help his case for the starting job on Monday.

The Heisman Trophy winner threw went 7/16 for 65 passing yards and a touchdown. QB Brian Hoyer was 2/6 for 16 yards.

Manziel’s gesture highlighted a lackluster night.

Longsnapper United: Jags to Add Party Cabanas

The Jaguars are bolstering their fan experiences.

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced several new seating arrangements in their stadium.

The franchise is adding field seats, kickoff club tables, and a bar rail. The most notable addition, however, are their spa and party cabanas.

The Jaguars can buy as many cabanas or luxurious VIP experiences as they please. At the end of the day, though, the fans want tallies in the win columns.

And that’s all that counts come playoff time.

Longsnapper United: Manziel Partying, Studying

This rookie is certainly enjoying the long weekend.

Accompanied by New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel partied in Las Vegas. Manziel uploaded images to Instagram on Monday.

Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram
Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram

Manziel was also with Pauly D.

Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram
Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram

However, Manziel’s face was apparently in the playbook studying.

Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram
Courtesy @jmanziel2 Instagram

If Manziel wins consistently, nobody will have an issue with the signal caller having a good time in Vegas. However, if he can’t produce, it’ll certainly be an issue.

Longsnapper United: Wilson, Two-Sport Athlete?

Wilson has been playing baseball this Spring.

Following a Super Bowl victory, nobody expected to see QB Russell Wilson on the diamond.

Wilson was drafted by the Texas Rangers in December. Wilson did have a two-season minor league career at one point.

Wilson participated in a Rangers’ Spring Training outing before returning to football. Wilson will throw the Rangers’ first pitch on April 2 to rev up their season.

However, two-sport legend Bo Jackson said that Wilson should solely play football because “if you try to concentrate on two sports, I guarantee you’re going to ride the bench in both because the talent is that deep.”

While Wilson’s second baseball career is viewed as a brief offseason break, it is unlikely that any athlete can have success in both the NFL and the MLB with the demands of modern professional sports.

Longsnapper United: Wonderlic

The Wonderlic test has been under pressure recently. 

At the Scouting Combine, prospects will take the Wonderlic test. It’s a brief test that measures intelligence than often doesn’t relate to football.

While the 12-minute, 50-question exam has been under fire for not pertaining to football, it is very relevant—to quarterbacks.

QB Vince Young, a college star, scored a six and a 14 on two Wonderlic tests. His NFL career, which began in 2006, has been extremely tumultuous. VY was cut by the Green Bay Packers before the regular season in 2013.

While the Wonderlic doesn’t determine the outcome of a signal caller’s career, it examines everyday intelligence that can be vital for quarterbacks.