Don’t Mess With (the Quarterback from) Texas

Is Colt McCoy, a rookie from Texas, the future of the Cleveland Browns? Of course. Jake Delhomme is old and constantly injured. Seneca Wallace is just not the starter. McCoy has a current high ankle sprain, but he will be fine soon enough. The Browns’ season is basically over, but they should be excited for their future. Peyton Hillis, a huge running back, is phenomenal inside. He is only in his third year. Hillis was acquired from my beloved Denver Broncos, for QB Brady Quinn. The Browns acquired two late-round draft picks. Brady Quinn was supposed to push  Kyle Orton and make him better, but now he finds himself as a third-stringer fighting for the backup role against America’s favorite, Tim Tebow. The trade was one of the worst if not the worst trade this offseason. The Browns also have standout tackle Joe Thomas, to protect Colt McCoy. Josh Cribbs and Mohammad Massaqoui are also decent wide receivers, but one thing Cribbs can do that Massaqoui can’t is return and play quarterback in the wildcat formation. On defense, the Browns have NT Shaun Rogers, and DB’s Joe Haden and TJ Ward. In five years, do not be surprised if the Browns are a AFC Powerhouse Team and a possible Super Bowl contender.

Spygate: The Continuing Saga

Spygate Two in Denver? It looks like it. The Denver Broncos are under investigation by the NFL for spying on the San Francisco 49ers, the team that the played on Halloween in London. The Denver Broncos and Head Coach Josh McDaniels were each fined $50k. Both McDaniels and Steve Scarnecchia, the director of the Broncos Video Operations, were on the New England Patriots when the Patriots videotaped the defensive hand signals of the New York Jets in 2007. The Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000 and the Patriots were fined $250,000. 

Should McDaniels pack up his bags now? The Broncos are 3-7, and they have a shrimp-size chance of making the playoffs. Tebow time?


Broncos have fired Steve Scarnecchia. 


McDaniels declined to view the video but he was fined because he failed to report this to the NFL.

Brady vs. Manning

The big debate. Who is better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? Both are future Hall-of-Fame Quarterbacks, but Manning has won four MVP awards, but Brady only one. Brady is 3-1 in the Super Bowl, Manning is 1-1. So in the big picture who is better? Personally, I think that Tom Brady was better all-time, but most would say Manning. If you think that Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady, you would probably be thinking, “why Brady? Manning has the stats.” or “Manning has beaten Brady many times.” In fact, both Manning and Brady have won plenty of times.

This is why I think Brady is better. Brady can throw to anybody. Manning can, but he cannot win the Big Game with them. When Manning won, he had Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, and Marvin Harrison, just on offense! Who did Brady win with? No Randy Moss, no Wes Welker. He did have an awesome running back, though. All in all, three Super Bowls is better than one.

In 2007, when the Patriots were 18-1, their only loss was the Super Bowl. In fact, when Eli Manning marched up the field with the New York Giant offense, they had to convert a 4 & Inches, and if the defense stopped them, the Patriots would be the second undefeated team in the history of the NFL. 

You probably think that Manning could have went undefeated in 2009, but Jim Caldwell rested him and lost the last two games. Except for one thing. If Manning did not have thrown the Pick Six to the New Orleans Saints’ cornerback Tracy Porter, the Colts would have won, but if he did not rest, and the Super Bowl was the same, he would have been 18-1, like Brady minus two Super Bowls.

Brady was one of the best quarterbacks of all time if not the best. Super Bowls are the second biggest thing in the NFL, the biggest being the Hall of Fame which both of them will make it two. Three vs. one, three wins.

Week 12 Predictions

My Week 12 Picks

(_)=Predicted Winner OR Pre-Sunday Winner

Thanksgiving’s games

(Patriots) @ Lions, (Saints) @ Cowboys, Bengals @ (Jets)

Sunday’s Games

Vikings @ (Redskins), (Titans) @ Texans,  Jaguars @ (Giants), (Steelers) @ Bills, Panthers @ (Browns), Packers @ (Falcons), (Chiefs) @ Seahawks, (Dolphins) @ Raiders, (Rams) @ Broncos, Eagles @ (Bears), Buccaneers @ (Ravens), (Chargers) @ Colts

Monday’s Game

(49ers) @ Cardinals

Note: I picked the winners to win the Thanksgiving football games. So I am 3-0 until Sunday in picks.

NFL Worry of the Year: Concussions

This season, concussions have been a big problem. Several players have been fined heavily after a helmet-to-helmet hit that could have been stopped. James Harrison, the Pittsburgh Steelers OLB, has been fined 3 times for a total of $120k total this year. The NFL announced that they would also start suspending players, but helmet-to-helmet hits are still happening frequently.